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SME Loans

Loan amount up to HK$10,000,000 (with reference to property value)

No restriction on business nature and size 

No income proof and business financial statement is required

SME Loan is dedicated to small-and-medium enterprise owners and self-employed proprietors. We provide special interest rate to business owners to minimize the cost of their business. Private property, tenement flat, village house, villa, office, industrial building flat, shop and car park space are accepted as collateral for business owners to further develop their businesses or ease financial burdens.


Ms Leung is self-employed and owns a fashion wholesale business. She needed HK$800,000 to buy stock for the upcoming season. At first, she applied for commercial loan from bank, but the bank required income proof, business financial statement from past 3 years. Ms Leung is also required to declare the purpose of loan. Ms Leung was self-employed and thus she cannot provide any income proof, which was an essential document for loan application. As a result, the bank rejected his application. Ms Leung learnt that Vichong Capital provided SME loan. No income proof nor business financial statement is required. Ms Leung ceased this business opportunity by using a 520 sq.ft private flat in Tsuen Wan as collateral to apply for SME Loan and was granted HK$800,000 one day after the application.

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