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Loan amount up to HK$500,000 or up to 14 times of the monthly salary (with reference to property value)

Exempt penalty for early payment 

Exempt handling fee, valuation fee and legal fee

Express and easy application

Professional Loan is exclusive for professionals, such as civil servants, doctors, lawyers, teachers or other registered professionals etc. We provide you with high loan amount up to $500,000 or 14 times of your monthly salary with a special interest rate. To enhance your financial flexibility, we offer handling fee waiver and flexible repayment terms.


Ms Lee is a professional whose monthly salary is HK$80,000. She loves to shop a lot to release her pressure which led to over-using of her credit card limit. She could only afford to settle the minimum repayment amount each month. Without realizing, she was already in debt of HK$500,000 from these credit card spending. In order to minimize the burden, she tried to apply consolidation loan from banks. However, her application was rejected due to her late repayment record.


Luckily, her friend introduced Professional Loan Service by Vichong Capital to Miss Lee. She got loan approval within an hour and received HK$500,000 loan amount on the same day. Miss Lee’s credit card burden was then released and minimized the high credit card interest rate expense.

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