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Instant cash transfer

Reduce time and cost

Exempt handling fee, valuation fee and legal fee

Express and easy application

Vichong Capital offers “Standby Cash” for you. You may apply for it at any time and get cash instantly.


Mrs. Lam received “Second Mortgage Loan” from Vichong Capital earlier. The application was granted with a loan amount of HK$700,000, but Mrs. Lam only withdrew HK$500,000 at that time. Vichong Capital reserved HK$200,000 for her as “Standby Cash”. A while later, Mrs. Lam needed to pay for his son’s overseas tuitions fees and living expenses. Recalled that Vichong Capital had reserved “Standby Cash” for her to be used at any time with no application process needed, Mrs. Lam successfully got HK$200,000 within a day.

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